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Fat Transfer: Move Fat from HERE to THERE

Many people find themselves wanting to change they way they look to better fit their desires. For some, changes can be minor, like dying or cutting your hair. Others, however, look for a more permanent and drastic change to their physical appearance. But just because one desires a drastic change does not mean that the procedure itself has to be strenuous. As Houston cosmetic surgeons, we believe that change should be simple and as natural as possible. Because we aim to keep our procedures as simple as possible, we often encourage our patients to utilize the PureGraft Fat transfer process when considering cosmetic surgery in Houston.

The PureGraft fat transfer process can be used for many different parts of your body you might target in an ordinary cosmetic surgery. Lip augmentation, facial rejuvenation, buttock augmentation, and breast reconstruction are all viable candidates when considering a procedure. The PureGraft process is one that works in a manner of killing two birds with one stone, because you are able to simultaneously enlarge an area you want to be bigger and shrink an area you want to be smaller.

This procedure is extremely natural, because it uses fat tissues specific to you, the patient. Your body is much more likely to respond in a positive manner to cells that are your own. Because of this, the recovery process becomes much shorter, and easier on top of that. The alternative, of using synthetic filler, will require the patient to come in for continued work. Whereas because the Pure Graft uses natural fat cells from your body, results become permanent after 3-6 months.

For patients who want the benefits of cosmetic surgery without the hassle of prolonged care, the PureGraft process would make a great choice. As a procedure that is much less invasive that the average surgery, the patient can feel confident that they will be both satisfied with their results and their recovery, allowing them to return to their normal day-to-day lives with a new instilled confidence.

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