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All About BOTOX® for Migraines

Houston Cosmetic SurgeonMost people associate BOTOX® with its ability to relax muscles and minimize the appearance of wrinkles when administered by a qualified Houston cosmetic surgeon. These injections, however, have also been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating chronic migraines. Here are some facts you should know about BOTOX® injections and how they can reduce the intensity and frequency of chronic migraine headaches in some patients.

What Is BOTOX®?

BOTOX® consists of a purified form of botulinum toxin that is injected in extremely small doses to relax muscles and prevent contractions. These injections can sometimes be used to augment the results of a Houston face lift or to reduce the visible signs of aging in some patients. The effects of these injections when administered by a Houston cosmetic surgeon can last for three months or longer.

How BOTOX® Works

The active ingredients in BOTOX® blocks the signals sent by the nervous system to prevent muscles from contracting. The botulinum toxin prevents acetylcholine from being released to trigger muscle contractions. In some cases, the muscles are essentially paralyzed and cannot be moved consciously or subconsciously. This can reduce the incidence of migraines in some patients but may come with serious side effects that could make the treatment worse than the condition.

BOTOX® for Migraines

While the benefits of BOTOX® for cosmetic purposes have been well established, the results experienced by migraine sufferers have been less predictable. Some patients have reported bruising and loss of muscle control in their foreheads or in other injection sites. Almost 10 percent of those taking BOTOX® injections for migraine control reported severe pain in their necks. Overall, patients reported only small to moderate improvement in their migraine symptoms after taking injections. The full effects could take between six to nine months to manifest, making BOTOX® a long-term solution for those with chronic migraines.

Covered by Many Insurance Plans

Because BOTOX® has been approved by the FDA for use in treating chronic migraine symptoms, it is generally covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most major insurers. Making sure that your insurance policy covers this treatment option is essential before beginning a course of BOTOX® injections. This can prevent unpleasant surprises when the bill arrives for these treatment options.

If you are considering a Houston breast lift, face lift or BOTOX® treatment for cosmetic purposes, the experts at Capriotti Cosmetic and Laser Surgery can provide you with the latest advances in cosmetic surgery and the most effective guidance for your needs. We are committed to providing comprehensive cosmetic options for patients in the Houston area. Call us today at 713-674-7201 to schedule your first appointment. We look forward to helping you look your best every day.

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