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Athletes and Plastic Surgery

When you play sports, you put your body at constant risk of sustaining injury.   But yet, many athletes in Houston never think about undergoing plastic surgery when injuries occur.   We think they should.

Now, it is true that this isn’t an easy decision for any athlete to make.  This is especially true for male athletes.  Within a male dominated locker room, the athlete runs the risk of being teased or being thought of as “girly” by his peers.   Not many male athletes want to put up with that, so they decide to never go under the knife.   That’s a shame if you ask us.

Imagine being a high school or college football player that suffered a broken nose from a jarring hit. Now, after you have your nose put back into place, you just don’t like the way it looks, and you are afraid that girls won’t either.   A rhinoplasty is perfect for you.  Not only is your nose fixed, but you can make a great impression with the ladies.

What if you are a wrestler or boxer that has taken one too many shots to the ear, and developed a condition known as “cauliflower ear?”  An otoplasty will make your ear look great, and people won’t tease you about having a deformed ear.

Those are just two examples of how plastic surgery can benefit an injured athlete. The truth is there are many more.


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