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Avoiding Alcohol After Your Houston Face Lift: Why It Matters

Planning a Houston facelift surgery? Your physician will suggest that you avoid the use of alcohol before and after surgery. Cutting out alcohol during the recovery period will help to avoid serious issues that can slow down the healing process. Here are some of the most serious risks associated with alcohol use after surgery.

Interactions with Other Medications

Taking anti-inflammatory or pain medications after a Houston facelift can cause alcohol to interact negatively with your body. Intake of alcoholic beverages has been shown to interfere with pain relievers. This makes them less effective and increasing the discomfort you may experience during your recovery period. Additionally, alcohol can sometimes react with prescription medicines to cause serious and even life-threatening complications after your surgery.

Increased Risk of Bleeding After a Houston Facelift

The blood-thinning properties of alcohol can prevent blood from clotting. This increases the risk of bleeding and slowing down the healing process. Because of this, it can result in an extended recovery period plus an increased risk of reopening healing incisions.

Inflammation and Swelling

Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause blood vessels to dilate, causing increased swelling throughout your body. For patients who have recently undergone rhinoplasty, swelling and bloating can affect the shape of the nose. This results in the reduced effectiveness of the surgical procedure. Your Houston cosmetic surgeon can provide you with more detailed information about the damaging effects of alcohol consumption on your new look.

Dryer, More Delicate Skin

Because alcohol tends to dehydrate the body, it can leave your skin dry and fragile during your recovery period. This can lengthen the time needed to heal and may require added moisturizing treatments and increased hydration after your cosmetic procedure. Avoiding alcohol can allow you to recover more quickly and can help you avoid these unnecessary complications.

Wine May Be Especially Harmful

Studies have shown that resveratrol, a phenol compound that naturally occurs in grapes and wine, can slow healing in patients following surgery. Avoiding wine after your surgery can allow the fastest recovery and can ensure that you receive the full intended benefits of your cosmetic procedure. Most medical experts also recommend limiting your consumption of grapes as well.

Your Houston cosmetic surgeon can provide you with detailed instructions to help speed your recovery and to ensure the most beautiful results from your planned procedure. By avoiding alcohol consumption after your plastic surgery, you can reduce the risk of complications that could damage your appearance and your health.


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