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Body Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Procedures: Five Key Facts

slide2Breast augmentation procedures can help women feel more confident and attractive in their social interactions. Modern advances in the field of cosmetic surgery have created new options for women and their physicians. One of the most innovative and practical procedures now available is body fat transfer breast augmentation. Designed to produce natural, less dramatic results than surgical implants, this new option is available through select Houston breast augmentation and cosmetic surgery clinics and practices. Here are five of the most important facts you need to know about body fat transfer breast augmentation and enhancement procedures.

The Body Fat Transfer Augmentation Process

Fat transfer procedures are non-surgical in nature and use minimally invasive techniques to remove fat from one area of the body and inject it into another area, creating fullness and volume in the targeted spot. The fat transfer breast augmentation process works like this:

  • During an initial consultation, your expectations and goals are discussed and the physician outlines the expected results of the fat transfer procedure.
  • Areas where body contouring and liposuction may be of assistance in producing a sleeker and more attractive physical profile will also be identified during this first appointment with your cosmetic surgeon.
  • Liposuction techniques are used to harvest excess fat cells, which are then processed and prepared for injection directly into selected sites in your breasts.
  • The fat and tissue are then sculpted to create the most attractive results.

Cup size increases of one-half to one full size are most common; however, some patients have reported results that are even more impressive from their fat transfer procedures.

Outpatient Convenience

In many cases, fat transfer augmentation procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis. Fat cells can be harvested from thighs and other areas of the body and transferred to breasts without the need for inpatient stays or extensive surgical procedures. This can provide added convenience for busy patients and can reduce the stress associated with these cosmetic procedures.

No Implants Needed

Because these advanced procedures use fat from your own body, no implants are required. This can eliminate some of the potential issues that can arise with other breast augmentation techniques and can reduce the risk of inflammation and other complications after your breast enhancement is complete. The minimally invasive techniques used to extract fat cells and to inject them into your breasts typically leave behind little or no scarring, making this a more comfortable choice for many women.

Not Right for Every Patient

If you are looking for an increase of two or more cup sizes after your breast augmentation, a fat transfer procedure may not be the most effective solution for you. These innovative breast augmentation techniques are generally appropriate for women who want to enhance their appearance in a subtle way and not to provide significant added volume for breasts. In some cases, it may be possible to combine a Houston breast lift procedure with your fat transfer augmentation treatments to provide more dramatic results.

Fat Transfer Procedures in Breast Reconstruction

If you are recovering from breast cancer surgery, your Houston cosmetic surgeon may recommend the use of fat grafting or fat transfer procedures in addition to implants. Injecting live fat cells can often reduce or eliminate the appearance of rippling and harsh lines while enhancing your physical profile and silhouette. This can often provide a more natural look and feel for your breasts after reconstruction is complete and can help you feel more comfortable with your body during your recovery period.

Working with an experienced and knowledgeable cosmetic surgeon can provide you with the information needed to make the right choice for your enhancement procedure. These medical professionals can deliver the services needed to help Houston residents look and feel their very best.

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