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Botox Is Great, But Can’t Cure Everything

Some earth shattering news was revealed this week:  Botox, in fact, is not a cure for everything.  It had been surmised in previous studies that the popular skin rejuvenation treatment could help people lose weight.    The reason behind this theory was that slowing down the stomach would lead to longer feelings of fullness, which in turn would delay the body’s gastric emptying process.

Unfortunately, that is not the case.   This week, the researchers from the Mayo Clinic announced that patients receiving gastric Botox injections display no improvement in weight loss.  In this study, 60 obese patients were given gastric Botox injections.  At the conclusion of 24 weeks, they checked the patients’ progress and found no significant increase in weight loss.

We cannot say we are surprised by this result.  Botox is a wonderful muscle relaxer, which is why so many people opt for it rather than a surgical face lift.  It also has the ability to transform the medical profession as more experimentation is done.  Look no further than the FDA approving its use for treating overactive bladders earlier this month.  However, it is not a miracle cure for every medical condition imaginable.

While this experiment may not have produced an optimal result, seeing researchers embrace the idea of experimenting with Botox to determine its full medical potential is a huge step in the right direction.  Because of this newfound attitude, the lives of numerous people will be improved dramatically.  In the future, Botox will not just be seen as an alternative to facial plastic surgery, but rather as a powerful drug that has a wide array of medicinal purposes.

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