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Notice: Dr. Capriotti has retired.

Breast Augmentation & Liposuction – Spring Special

The biggest key to getting in shape for the summer is starting before summer arrives. 
Spring into shape and get the curves you’ve always wanted.
If a breast augmentation is what you’ve been contemplating, then wait no more! 
We can help you achieve a more voluptuous bustline just in time for spring & summer time. 
for ONLY $ 6,000
(BMI must be 30 or less)
Pay your deposit by May 31, 2016
and you can get an additional site at NO CHARGE.
Breast Augmentation
Saline $ 4,850
Silicone $ 5,850
* Surgery must be scheduled on one of our “Breast Days”
** These specials are valid until May 31, 2016 **
** These prices include Operating Room, Anesthesia, Pre & Post-Operative appointments with the doctor **
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