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Breast Reduction Becoming More Popular for Men

For years, women have made up the primary client base for a cosmetic surgeon, and breast enhancement is one of their favorite procedures. Even in 2012, this is still the case as many Houston women come to us for breast augmentation surgery. However, in recent years, more men than ever before have started to recognize the benefits of cosmetic surgery.  And just like their female counterparts, they, too, like to have work done on their breasts.   They just prefer to have them reduced rather than enhanced.

Great evidence of the rise of breast reduction surgery among males can be seen in the United Kingdom.  According to an article in the Daily Mail, the number of men in the UK undergoing a breast reduction has doubled in the last five years.

Now, to be fair, the number of men in the UK choosing to undergo breast reduction surgery is still relatively small.   (Only 790 got the procedure in 2011). However, change in the cosmetic surgery industry doesn’t just happen overnight, and this is definitely a trend headed in the right direction.

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