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Who’s a Good Candidate for a Houston Face Lift?

Houston Face Lift – Capriotti Cosmetic & Laser Surgery

If you notice wrinkles and sagging in your face, consider a Houston face lift.

When you look in the mirror, do you think that you look older than you feel? As we age, our skin loses elasticity. This can cause our faces to sag and wrinkle. However, a Houston face lift procedure can help correct these issues and take years off your appearance. Therefore, talk to your Houston cosmetic surgeon about whether you could benefit from a face lift. While your surgeon can give you recommendations based on your specific circumstances and history, there are a few factors that may make you the ideal candidate for a face lift.

What is a Houston Face Lift?

A face lift Houston cosmetic surgery procedure helps give your face a more youthful appearance. During your procedure, your surgeon lifts and tightens the deep tissues of your face. This can help create contours in your face that you’ve lost. Frequently, this is due to normal aging, thinning of the skin, loss of facial fat, gravity, smoking, stress, sun damage, and other factors. A Houston face lift can help reduce the appearance of:

  • Sagging
  • Jowls in the cheek and jaw
  • Loose skin in the neck
  • Lines between the nose and corner of the mouth
  • Other visible signs of aging on the face

Depending on your goals for surgery, there are many types of procedures you can choose from that may fit your unique situation. Your surgeon can offer recommendations during your consultation.

Types of Houston Face Lift Procedures

There are several different types of Houston face lift procedures you can choose from, depending on your desired results. Each offers risks and benefits, so it’s important to discuss your specific circumstances with your surgeon before deciding. However, here’s some general information about the different types of face lifts:

SMAS Houston Face Lift

An SMAS lift can help improve facial contours in the upper and lower tissues of your face and neck. Incisions for a SMAS face lift are made in the hairline and behind the ear and recovery generally takes between two and three weeks.

Deep Plane Facelift

Deep plane lifts are a good option for those with more significant sagging in the face, as it lifts the deeper tissues in the face. This Houston face lift generally offers more profound results compared to a SMAS lift without the issue of skin tightness. Recovery is approximately a few weeks, depending on your individual circumstances.

Short Scar Face Lift

A short scar lift offers minimal scarring above and beside the ear and may help with sagging and laxity in the middle face, lower face, and neck. It also offers shorter recovery periods for most patients.

Thread Lift

A thread lift involves inserting small sutures to create a structure that encourages new collagen growth. This is a minimally invasive Houston cosmetic surgery procedure that offers more subtle results and a one to two week recovery.

Stem Cell Houston Face Lift

Stem cell face lifts use refined fat stem cells from other areas of your body to add volume and create contours in your face. Recovery time is generally between three and ten days, depending on where the stem cells are added on the face.

Midface Lift

A midface lift is also known as a cheek lift and helps improve the appearance of the cheeks and under the eyes. Recovery generally takes two weeks.

Endoscopic Facelift

Endoscopic lifts are another minimally invasive Houston face lift option, which targets the upper and middle areas. It involves multiple tiny incisions where a tiny probe and camera are inserted to correct sagging. This face lift generally takes a few days to recover from.


The SwiftLift facelift involves using small incisions in front of the ear to insert a permanent suture that attaches to the bone in front of your ear. The incision is about half the length of a regular face lift incision. Recovery is generally faster than standard face lifts.

Therefore, you will need to discuss your goals for your Houston face lift with your surgeon to determine the type of face lift that is right for you. This conversation should occur during your consultation, which is also when you will discuss whether you’re a good candidate for a face lift.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Face Lift Houston Cosmetic Surgery Procedure?

While only your surgeon can speak to your individual situation, there are a few things that may make you a good candidate for a Houston face lift. First, a candidate for a facelift will notice one of the following in their face:

  • Sagging skin and muscles from the cheek to the jawline
  • Loose skin on the neck
  • Sagging skin along the jawline (commonly known as “jowls”)
  • Less volume in the cheeks and near the mouth
  • Wrinkles near the nose and mouth

In addition, before you get any Houston cosmetic surgery procedure, you should be in good health overall to reduce your risks of complications. This means you have no medical conditions that hinder healing. Also, if you have a health condition that could cause surgical complications like bleeding, then you may not be an ideal candidate for surgery. There is no minimum age requirement to receive a face lift. However, generally people get a face lift in their fifties.

An important factor in whether you’re a good candidate for a face lift is whether you use nicotine. Nicotine constricts your blood vessels and reduces blood flow, which can increase your risk for complications during and after surgery. Therefore, it’s important to quit using nicotine before your Houston face lift and talk to your surgeon about how long you should wait before undergoing your procedure.

Choose Capriotti Cosmetic & Laser Surgery for Your Facelift Procedure

At Capriotti Cosmetic & Laser Surgery, we work with you to find the best cosmetic surgery solutions for your desired results. Dr. Capriotti, a leading Houston cosmetic surgeon, has over 30 years of experience in the cosmetic surgery field and has even written about laser face lifts for the clinics of facial Plastic Surgery. Above all, our team prioritizes safe, personalized care for your procedures. Call us today at (713) 674-7201 to learn more or to schedule a consultation. At Capriotti Cosmetic & Laser Surgery, we are here to serve you.

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