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Achieving the Cleavage You Want With Houston Breast Augmentation

Houston Breast AugmentationWhile most discussions about Houston breast augmentation procedures cover topics like implant size, cup size increases and the types of implants available, cleavage is also a significant concern for many patients. If you are interested in improving the way your breasts look in a swimsuit or in your clothes, discussing the issue of cleavage with your cosmetic surgeon is generally a good first step toward determining the right procedure and implant for your needs.

Creating Cleavage

Many of the choices you make when planning your Houston breast augmentation will have an impact on the degree of cleavage you can expect from your procedure. Some of the most important factors to consider during the planning stage of your cosmetic surgery include the following:

  • The amount of breast tissue present and the size of your planned implants
  • The tightness or elasticity of your skin and underlying tissues
  • The current distance between your breasts
  • The type of implant you choose

During your Houston breast lift or breast augmentation procedure, your cosmetic surgeon can often reduce the space between your breasts to create more impressive cleavage. A great deal also depends on the type of bra you choose after your procedure. Bras designed to create deep and appealing cleavage are likely to produce real results even for women who did not consider cleavage as a factor before their Houston breast augmentation.

Planning for the Best Results

Before you go in for your breast augmentation or breast lift procedure, discuss your priorities regarding cleavage, breast size and positioning with your cosmetic surgeon. Your surgeon will typically provide several options to increase cleavage and create the silhouette you want. The positioning of the implant within your breast will typically have a great deal to do with the amount of cleavage you can expect. Your cosmetic surgeon will inform you of any changes that will need to be made to achieve the results you want most. This will allow you to make informed choices regarding your appearance, breast augmentation procedure and overall experience.

At Capriotti Cosmetic and Laser Surgery, we perform Houston face lift, PureGraft fat transfer, breast augmentation and liposuction procedures designed to help you look and feel your best. Our team of medical professionals will work with you to determine practical steps to boost your self-esteem, confidence and improve your appearance. We work with you to find the right solutions for your cosmetic surgery needs. Call our team today at 713-674-7201 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Capriotti. We look forward to the chance to serve you.


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