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Cosmetic Surgery for Baby Boomers

As we get older, it’s natural that we yearn for a return to a more youthful looking appearance. Nobody likes looking in the mirror and having unwanted lines or wrinkles staring back at them.  Nor do we enjoy looking at pictures of ourselves when we were younger and wondering what happened to that person. Therefore, it’s no surprise that more baby boomers in Houston are willing to undergo cosmetic surgery or get non invasive skin rejuvenation treatments than ever before.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2011, baby boomers made up 28% of all cosmetic surgery procedures.   That was more than those done on people ages 19-34.   However, it would be accurate to say that in general, this generation of Americans takes a more cautious approach to cosmetic procedures when compared to their younger counterparts.  They like getting Botox the most, and tend to prefer lifts to more invasive forms of cosmetic surgery.

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