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The Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Houston Cosmetic Surgeon Injections

Maintaining a youthful look is important to many of us. Taking a chance on do-it-yourself procedures to save money, however, can end up costing much more than a professional treatment by a Houston cosmetic surgeon. Here are some of the most serious risks associated with the use of Botox, Retin-A and other injectable pharmaceuticals without the guidance of a physician.


Patients unfamiliar with the proper methods for injecting fillers, Botox and other medications may inadvertently fail to disinfect needles, applicators or the area to be treated in the proper way. This can potentially lead to serious or even disfiguring infections that may require extensive medical treatment to resolve. In some cases, the health risks associated with these infections can last far longer than the intended results of the cosmetic procedure.

Disfiguring Results

For most patients, Houston breast augmentation procedures performed by a licensed plastic surgeon are safe and effective ways to enhance self-esteem and improve appearance. Attempting to inject silicone or other fillers at home, however, can lead to lumps, bruising and even the loss of one or both breasts due to complications arising from these do-it-yourself procedures. Working with a qualified Houston cosmetic surgeon is the best way to enhance the shape and size of your breasts safely.

Damage to Tissues

Chemical peels and other exfoliant solutions can cause serious damage to the skin if not properly applied. In some cases, this can cause scarring that can affect the texture of your skin and increase the appearance of aging, creating the opposite effect to that most likely desired at the time of the application. Improperly applied injections can also cause nerve damage and may lead to permanent loss of movement for facial muscles and support structures.

Unknown Ingredients

Products purchased online often lack the certifications and warnings required by FDA regulations. In some cases, the ingredients used to formulate these products can be toxic or otherwise dangerous. Even if an ingredient list is included, it may not be accurate. It may also omit certain allergen contaminants that may cause serious reactions. Getting injections and other treatments from a Houston cosmetic surgery facility will protect you against unwanted side effects.

Your Houston cosmetic surgeon can provide you with the most advanced treatments and the safest solutions. When you put your trust into a professional’s hand, you can be sure of the best possible results.


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