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Differences Between Forms of Breast Enhancement

When it comes to enhancing her breasts, a woman has quite a few options at her disposal.  If she feels they are too large, she could opt for a breast reduction.   If she is annoyed by the fact they are sagging, she could opt for a breast lift.    If she wants them to be bigger, she could opt for breast augmentation surgery.   With that in mind, let’s delve deeper into each procedure.

Any breast reduction procedure starts out by using anesthesia on the patient.   Nobody wants to feel anything during surgery, and that is the purpose of anesthesia.   After anesthesia is completed, it is time for the cosmetic surgeon to make the necessary incisions.  Be warned: the incisions may be made in a variety of ways.  The surgeon may opt to make a circular incision around the areola.  They could also decide to make a keyhole shaped incision around the areola down to the breast crease, or use an inverted T shaped incision method.   Once the incision has been made, the surgeon will reposition the nipple, minimize the size of the areola, and modify the underlying tissue.   Finally, it is time to have the incisions closed, and the procedure is finished.

Just like any breast reduction procedure, a patient getting a breast lift must be placed under anesthesia prior to surgery.   Not to mention, the surgeries are very similar.  A breast lift involves the same incision methods used in breast reduction surgery.   It also includes lifting and reshaping the underlying tissue and the same techniques for repositioning the nipple and areola at a more natural height.   The only real significant surgical difference between a breast reduction and a breast lift is that a breast reduction involves removing breast tissue whereas a breast lift only requires removing a portion of skin.   However, the biggest difference between the two procedures is the reason patients get them.  Somebody interested in breast reduction is likely to complain of back pain, a strained neck, and may even have rashes under her breasts. Some might even consider breast reduction a form of plastic surgery because it done to reduce pain.  Conversely, a patient considering a breast lift is not likely to complain of any pain.  Instead, they will note their breasts are sagging and do not feel as full as they did in the past.

While breast reduction and breast lift surgery may be similar, that is not the case with breast augmentation surgery.  The only things remotely similar about breast augmentation compared to the other two procedures is that it involves enhancing the breasts, and a patient undergoes anesthesia prior to surgery.  Otherwise, it is vastly different than its breast enhancement counterparts.  For one thing, the locations and types of surgical incisions are different.  During breast augmentation, a surgeon can make either an inframammary incision near the bottom of the breast, a transaxillary incision near the arm pit, or a periareolar incision around the nipple.   Then, any breast augmentation procedure involves the insertion of a breast implant(either saline or silicone).  That is not a part of breast reduction or breast lift surgery.

Regardless of their similarities and differences, all of these breast enhancement procedures are great cosmetic surgery options.  Choosing the one for you depends on your ultimate goal and is something to discuss with a cosmetic surgeon before going under the knife.

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