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Dimpleplasty Increasingly Popular Among Millennials

If you are considering a Houston face lift or other cosmetic procedure in the near future, you may want to look into dimpleplasty, one of the hottest new surgical options for millennials in the market for plastic surgery. This minimally invasive procedure is easily performed on an outpatient basis by a qualified Houston cosmetic surgeon and can enhance your appearance to a surprisingly large degree. Here are some of the most important facts you should know about dimpleplasty and how it can change the way you look and feel about yourself.

What Is a Dimpleplasty Procedure?

Dimpleplasty is a cosmetic treatment that requires less than an hour to complete and can create dimples in the cheeks. These procedures require no general anesthesia and can produce dramatic results that can increase your smile appeal. To perform a dimpleplasty, your Houston cosmetic surgeon will first create a small incision inside your mouth. Using small surgical instruments, your surgeon will then make a small cut in the muscles of your cheek and will attach the muscle directly to the skin inside your mouth. This will create dimples that will be present at all times for the first few months after your procedure. Over time, however, the muscles will relax and your dimples will only appear when you smile.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Dimpleplasty?

One reason for the growing popularity of dimpleplasty procedures, especially among millennials, is the ease with which these surgical treatments can be completed. Since no general anesthesia or inpatient treatment is usually required, dimpleplasty can be performed on most patients with little or no risk of complications. In some cases, you may experience a small amount of swelling and discomfort after your procedure. These symptoms can usually be resolved with over-the-counter medications to reduce pain and inflammation. You can usually return to work within a couple of days and will see the full results of your procedure within three to four months of your initial surgery.

Choosing a Houston cosmetic surgeon with a proven reputation for excellence can help you enjoy the benefits of dimpleplasty while minimizing any risks with this procedure. At Capriotti Cosmetic and Laser Surgery, we offer a comprehensive range of services for our patients. We can perform Houston breast augmentation, fat transfer body contouring, laser hair removal, liposuction and rhinoplasty procedures that can help you look great and feel more confident. Give us a call today at 713-674-7201 to set up an initial consultation and to begin your journey to a brand-new you. We look forward to helping you put your best face forward every day.

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