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Disastrous Cosmetic Surgery – Always Research

When someone in Houston decides to get a face lift or any other cosmetic surgery procedure, they expect it to be done correctly and on time.   That’s not asking a lot from a cosmetic surgeon.   But yet, some surgeons still find ways to take advantage of their patients trust.

For example, one Florida resident had a disastrous cosmetic surgery experience. It started when she arrived an hour early for a 1 p.m. appointment, but the procedure didn’t start until 10 p.m.  While we understand things come up, and sometimes patients have to wait, a nine hour waiting period is ridiculous.  We can only imagine the patient’s frustration.   Then, after the surgery finally finished in the middle of the night, the patient was in a lot of pain and asked the nurses to give her something to make her feel better.   The nurses refused.  That was not the right thing for them to do.    However, that pales in comparison to what happened to the patient a week after her surgery.   She was in a lot of pain, and her stomach was rotting out.  The surgeon told her to rush to the hospital (only after realizing cutting her open again was a bad idea).   When the patient got there and was examined by a doctor, the reason her stomach was rotting out became clear:  the cosmetic surgeon had left a pair of surgical scissors inside her stomach.

That cosmetic surgeon should consider herself lucky if she doesn’t lose her license.



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