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Evaluating Two Different Forms of Breast Reconstruction

In honor of the first annual Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day(BRA day for short) on October 17, we thought  comparing and contrasting different forms of the procedure might help someone in Houston when meeting with a plastic surgeon.

When it comes to breast reconstruction, there are two widely accepted methods:  implants and autologous tissue.  Now, let’s compare them in a few different categories:  time, recovery period, shape and feel, and the difficulty of matching the other breast.

Time: Someone in Houston that undergoes breast augmentation as part of the reconstruction procedure can expect to have two separate surgeries, taking about four hours total. Conversely, if autologous tissue is used to reconstruct the breast, it involves only one surgery, but the surgery can range from 3 hours to 8 hours in length depending on how the surgery is performed.

Recovery Period: The implant method typically has a two week recovery timeframe whereas the autologous tissue method has a six-to-eight weeks recovery timeframe.

Shape and Feel: New breasts constructed using implants have no natural sag, and tend to firm up over time.  However, new breasts constructed using autologous tissue have an immediate natural, soft feel to them.

Difficulty of Matching the Other Breast: With the implant method, more changes are needed to ensure the implants match, while the opposite is true with the autologous tissue method.


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