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The Facial Features That Make Celebrities Attractive

While beauty is considered to be in the eye of the beholder, certain traits have been widely accepted as attractive. Models and celebrities epitomize the ideal look for many of us. What makes these famous faces so memorable and appealing? The answer may lie in a simple structural formula that determines the beauty of an individual based on certain traits shared by those regarded as most attractive. For those contemplating a Houston facelift or other cosmetic procedure, keeping these principles in mind can ensure the most beautiful results.

Symmetry and Balance

According to researchers, the two most important things when seeking an attractive appearance are the balance of your features and the symmetry of the face:

  • Balance refers to the size, shape, and prominence of features in relation to each other. The right balance between eyes, nose, mouth, chin, forehead and cheekbones is needed to create a beautiful and harmonious whole. The overall effect must be balanced to achieve the most attractive appearance.
  • Symmetry is the degree of similarity between the two sides of the face. Absolute symmetry does not exist in nature. However, studies have shown that celebrities who show a higher degree of symmetry are generally seen as much more attractive. The same results were found in studies measuring the objective and subjective appeal of everyday individuals.

If you are planning a Houston cosmetic surgery procedure, discussing these options with your surgeon can help you achieve the most beautiful and appealing results from your upcoming treatment plan.

A Unique Signature Look

Large eyes, pouty lips, and other features can become the trademark of a particular celebrity. In some cases, making dramatic changes to these features can render a star almost unrecognizable. It can damage their marketability in the public arena. Even if these features are somewhat out of balance with other parts of the face, it is essential to determine if a particular procedure will affect the signature look in a negative way. Subtle changes can have a surprisingly large effect on overall appearance. Check with your Houston cosmetic surgeon to best determine the effect of your planned procedure on your own look.

The same proven techniques and strategies used by celebrities to maintain their youthful appearance and beauty can also help you look and feel your best every day. At Capriotti Cosmetic and Laser Surgery, we offer you the star treatment right here in Houston, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of cosmetic surgery in a safe and caring environment. Call us today at 713-674-7201 to learn more about how Dr. Capriotti can help you achieve a greater degree of confidence in all that you do.



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