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Facts About Endoscopic Mid Face Lifts

FaceCosmetic surgery can enhance self-esteem and increase confidence for men and women of all ages. Working with a Houston face lift specialist can often reduce the visible signs of aging and can restore a more youthful appearance for older adults. New techniques and procedures make it easier than ever before for patients to achieve the desired results. Endoscopic mid face lift procedures are designed to provide added fullness for cheeks, nasolabial folds and creases and the areas just below the eyes. Here are some key facts regarding this technologically advanced cosmetic surgery option.

What Is a Mid Face Lift?

Mid face lifts are performed to restore youthful roundness to cheeks and to provide support for sagging facial structures around the nose and under the eyes. These procedures are sometimes referred to as cheek lifts because they focus primarily on restoring a youthful appearance to this area of the face. In some cases, fat may be removed from other parts of the body and transferred to the cheeks to increase volume around eyes, nose and cheeks. Some mid face lift procedures are performed using traditional incisions; however, the development of endoscopic surgical techniques now allows for faster healing and improved results from these procedures.

Endoscopic Surgical Procedures

Endoscopic surgeries are performed using extremely small incisions through which miniaturized cameras and surgical equipment are inserted. Endoscopes are small, flexible tubes that are used to provide a conduit for other medical equipment. This can allow physicians to identify the precise areas of concern and to address them without excessive damage to surrounding tissues. For those considering Houston cosmetic surgery, opting for endoscopic procedures can significantly reduce the time needed for recovery and can increase the accuracy with which surgeons can perform mid face lifts and other cosmetic surgeries.

Benefits of Mid Face Lifts

Patients who opt for mid face lift surgery typically require at least a few weeks to see the finished results of these procedures. Some of the most commonly reported positive benefits include the following:

  • Reduced bags under eyes and a brighter look for the entire eye area
  • Diminished appearance of lines and folds around the nose
  • Filling in of hollows in upper cheeks that can produce a haggard appearance
  • An overall reduction in the visible signs of aging
  • Reduced appearance of jowls for some patients

Endoscopic procedures usually cause less collateral tissue damage and can promote much faster healing with reduced swelling and bruising, making them a preferred choice for patients and surgeons alike.

What to Expect During and After Surgery

In most cases, patients are sedated during the procedure to ensure that they remain comfortable throughout the surgery. Endoscopic mid face lifts can take several hours and may be combined with other procedures to produce the most attractive results. After surgery, it may take about an hour to recover from the effects of anesthesia. Patients should arrange to be picked up from the clinic or hospital after their procedure. Additionally, the incision areas are usually covered by dressings to allow drainage of these sites and to prevent infections. Significant swelling is common immediately after a mid face lift procedure. Your Houston cosmetic surgeon may prescribe medications to help with pain issues or to reduce swelling and speed the healing process.

Choosing a qualified surgeon with experience in mid face lift procedures can ensure the best possible results for your cosmetic surgery. In some cases, it may be beneficial to combine two or more cosmetic procedures during the same surgery. This can allow you to consolidate recovery periods to reduce time away from work and other obligations. By carefully evaluating your options and discussing the likely results with an established Houston cosmetic surgeon, you can achieve a more youthful appearance to boost your self-confidence in every arena of your daily life.

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