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Faking Cancer to get Breast Implants? That’s Wrong.

When you are a well-respected plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas, nothing surprises you when it comes to the world of plastic surgery.   You even get used to dealing with people that would do anything to go under the knife, no matter the consequences.  But what you can’t get used to is those same people pulling scams in order to improve their looks.    It’s one thing for a Houston resident to legally get a breast lift.  It’s a whole different matter for them to do so through illegal means.

That said, the reason for this blog post is today I saw a story that made my skin crawl.  Apparently, an Arizona woman conned her employer and her family into believing she needed a mastectomy due to breast cancer, and was able to raise more than $8,000 in the process.  She then used the cash to get breast implants.   Thankfully, she will now be in jail for the next year, so she can’t pull this kind of stunt on anyone else.

But still, faking cancer to get breast implants is about as low as you can go.   Cancer is serious business, and not something to lie about.   Almost everyone in America knows someone that has been afflicted with the horrible disease, and to prey on people’s emotions like that just sickens me.


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