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Great Cosmetic Surgery Marketing

Why didn’t we think of this?   Instead of the well known traditional toy drive: “Toys for Tots,” in Scottsdale, Ariz. they are running “Toys for Ta-Tas.”   The way it works is that anyone that donates two toys is entered into a drawing to win a free breast augmentation procedure from a local plastic surgeon. Considering that such a surgery costs thousands of dollars, that’s a really good deal for the winner.   Not surprisingly, the response has been incredibly positive.  Not only have Ariz. residents donated toys, but females from neighboring states are flying to Scottsdale to donate toys as well.

However, the winner isn’t the only one benefiting from this toy drive.  The children receiving the toys benefit, and the surgeon administering the procedure is getting great publicity for their practice.  Think about it:  not only is the word being spread about the quality of their work, but they are now associated with a great charitable cause at the same time.

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