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Holiday Weight Gain Solutions | Liposuction

There are certain things that are just automatically associated with a bit of weight gain. The Freshman Fifteen, for example. Or maybe even a bad bout of stress. But one thing almost everyone can agree on is that the holiday season is prime time to put on a few pounds. With so many family get together’s, delicious recipes, and cold weather that begs you to stay inside and in your bed, keeping your weight down is a struggle that plagues just about everybody. The combination of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, (with Valentines Day coming shortly after!) means almost four months of potentially unhealthy habits. Studies have shown that the average person can put on anywhere between 7 and 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas alone. And while the rest of the winter season averages at about only 1 pound of weight gain, the combination can equal almost 11 pounds in just a few months.

But don’t let the holidays get you down! There are ways to come out of the holiday season feeling fit and fresh. One option would be to substitute any holiday treats or recipes with lower fat or less carbohydrates. Another option might be to try to discipline yourself with portion control. But the reality is, we are all human. And the holidays should not have to be about monitoring yourself at family or friend gathering. So if you find yourself feeling uncomfortable with any weight gain at the end of the holiday season, it might be beneficial to consider liposuction.

At the office of Dr. Capriotti, we believe that comfort and physical well being should not have to be difficult to come by. Our liposuction costs in Houston are reasonable and affordable. And we always go out of our way to make sure that our customers are comfortable and well informed throughout the entire procedure. We are proud to be a cosmetic surgeon in Houston that puts the customer satisfaction at the top of our list. So if you’re feeling unhappy after all the holiday cheer is over, we’d love for you to schedule a consultation with us to learn more about what liposuction can do to make you happier.

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