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Tips for Your Houston Breast Augmentation Recovery

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Relax while you’re recovering from Houston breast augmentation surgery.

After a Houston breast augmentation, there are a few things you should consider to promote healing. With any procedure, there will be a recovery period where you will have to restrict certain activities. Additionally, you want to encourage the best healing after your Houston breast augmentation surgery to enhance your results and prevent complications. Therefore, you should follow all your Houston cosmetic surgery post-op instructions. Your doctor will give you specific directions and recommendations for your healing process. However, here are some general tips for your breast augmentation recovery.

Ask for Help After Your Houston Breast Augmentation

One of the best things you can do right after your breast augmentation surgery is to enlist help from friends and family. For the first few days, the assistance of someone you trust can make things exponentially easier. Directly after your Houston breast augmentation, you may experience pain and swelling, and your arm movements will be restricted. Therefore, you may need help for tasks like cooking and cleaning for a short time after your Houston cosmetic surgery.

Stay Hydrated to Help You Heal

Additionally, you should drink plenty of fluids during your breast augmentation recovery. This is important for your overall health and your recovery period. Not only will it keep you healthy and promote healing but staying hydrated can also help with some of the side effects of your procedure. For example, constipation is common after surgery, but hydration can help relieve this side effect. Drinking adequate amounts of water may also help reduce swelling after your Houston breast augmentation.

Rest is Crucial to Post-Operative Recovery

After Houston cosmetic surgery to enhance your breasts, you should also get plenty of rest. Good quality sleep can go a long way during your healing process. During sleep, your body puts more effort toward healing and strengthening your immune system than it does when you are awake. Therefore, adequate rest can help during your Houston breast augmentation recovery.

Right after your breast enhancement surgery, try to sleep upright, not flat on your back, on your stomach, or on your side. This will help keep your implants in their proper position as you heal. Implants generally need a period of time to “settle in.” Elevating your upper body during sleep can help this process. Therefore, be sure you have plenty of pillows to prop yourself up while you recover from your breast augmentation procedure.

Houston Breast Augmentation Medication

Also, you want to make sure that you’re taking any prescribed medication according to your surgeon’s directions. This is key for the best healing and to manage any post-operative pain. There are a few helpful tips to help you take your medication during your recovery process. First, try not to take your medications on an empty stomach, as this can cause nausea in some patients. In addition, opening prescription bottles can be painful right after your Houston breast augmentation. Therefore, consider placing your prescriptions in a pill planner that is easy to open. This can also help you keep track of your medication and ensure that you are taking your prescriptions properly.

Of course, after your Houston breast augmentation, it’s important to follow your doctor’s instructions. Your Houston cosmetic surgeon knows your specific set of circumstances and will provide directions based on your individual needs.

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