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Houston Breast Augmentation Surgical Bras 101

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After a Houston breast augmentation, you may need to wear a surgical bra to help you get the results you desire.

Many women look forward to donning sexy bras to show off their new breasts after Houston breast augmentation. However, during your recovery, you’ll likely need to wear a surgical bra. It’s important to follow post-operative instructions to help with your recovery and to help reduce the risk of complications. In many cases, wearing a surgical bra will be part of your instructions. Let’s discuss some key points about surgical bras after augmentation.

Why Wear a Post-Surgery Bra After Houston Breast Augmentation?

A common question we hear is why you have to wear a surgical bra after breast enhancement surgery. Essentially, a surgical bra can help promote healing after a breast augmentation. These bras are quite different from the standard bra you’d pick up at the department store. Also known as compression bras, they help provide the support you need while you’re healing from your surgery. 

Surgical bras do a few different things to help with your healing process, such as:

  • Encouraging blood circulation
  • Helping your lymphatic system flush out byproducts
  • Protecting your incisions
  • Reducing swelling
  • Keeping weight off of your incisions
  • Reducing movement that can cause discomfort like bouncing

Another important reason why our Houston cosmetic surgeon typically recommends a surgical bra after breast surgery is to help with breast implant positioning. Breast implants do take a little while to “settle” into their position. To help reduce the risk of the breast implants moving around, the surgical bra can help hold the implants in place to reduce the risk of implant shifting.

What to Look for in a Surgical Bra

There are a lot of different options for surgical bras. You can even get them in different colors nowadays. However, there are a few things you might want to look for in a post surgery bra, such as:

  • Front closure for easy dressing
  • Breathable fabric
  • No underwire that can irritate your incisions

In addition, many options come with a band that goes across the top of your breasts to help reduce the risk of the implants moving upward. Some surgical bras also come with openings specifically designed for surgical drains. 

Now, it’s important to choose medical-grade surgical bras specifically designed for breast augmentation recovery. While some online sources say a sports bra is an alternative, these typically don’t provide the level of support that a surgical bra does. So, talk to the surgeon about exactly what kinds of bras to wear during your Houston breast augmentation recovery.

Wearing the Surgical Bra

Once again, everyone is a little different, so your post-op instructions might also differ slightly. However, in most cases you’ll need to wear the surgical bra for a few weeks. Typically, you’ll need to wear the bra all day and night, only taking it off to shower. When your surgeon gives you the okay, you can usually move to a transition bra that offers support without underwire. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that fabrics can hold onto things like sweat, body oil, and dead skin cells that can encourage germs. Therefore, you may want to invest in more than one surgical bra. That way, you’ll have one to wear while you wash the other(s). 

As always, it’s best to follow your specific post-op instructions from your surgeon, as these instructions are based on your unique circumstances.  

Quality Care for Houston Breast Augmentation & Other Cosmetic Procedures

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