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Houston Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

woman looking in mirror after fat transfer Houston breast augmentation

Houston breast augmentation with your own fat can offer natural results and boosts in breast volume.

If you want fuller breasts, you might be considering a Houston breast augmentation. However, many women wonder if there’s a more natural or minimally invasive option for the procedure without implants. There is an option for increasing breast volume using your own fat. This is a fat transfer breast augmentation. Let’s talk about fat transfer breast augmentation and some of the differences between this procedure and implant augmentations. 

What is Fat Transfer Houston Breast Augmentation?

As you may already know, Houston breast augmentation typically involves inserting a breast implant made of either silicone or saline into the breast. This can help enhance breast size and shape. Fat transfer breast augmentation, by contrast, uses your own fat to increase volume and improve shape. For this procedure, our Houston cosmetic surgeon removes fat from other areas of your body, such as the hips or abdomen, using liposuction. The cosmetic surgery team then purifies the fat cells to remove contaminants. Once pure, the surgeon injects the fat cells into the breasts.

The surgeon typically must put more fat into the breasts initially, as your body will reabsorb some of the fat in the weeks and months following the surgery. This type of breast augmentation has low complication rates and can help improve cleavage, breast volume, and also fullness in the upper area of your breasts. However, this procedure has some pros and cons compared to implant breast augmentation. 

Breast Fat Transfer vs. Implants

There are a few positives of fat transfer Houston breast augmentation compared to using implants. They use smaller incisions, which also means less scarring. Also, this procedure is a 2-in-1 procedure because it involves both liposuction and breast augmentation. Fat transfer breast augmentation offers incredibly natural look and feel. You can also pair it with a Houston breast lift to restore “perkiness” to the breasts. 

However, keep in mind that results for fat transfer breast augmentation are often different from breast implants. In most cases, women only notice a half a cup increase in breast volume. Therefore, this procedure is better if you’re looking for more subtle results and a little boost in breast volume. Breast implants are better for larger increases in size. Also, keep in mind that the body typically reabsorbs some of the fat, meaning your breasts may look larger immediately after the surgery and become smaller over time as your body reabsorbs the fat. If you’re interested in Houston breast augmentation, an experienced surgeon can help you determine which type of augmentation is better suited for the results you want. 

Experienced Houston Cosmetic Surgeon at Capriotti Cosmetic & Laser Surgery

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