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The Benefits of Having a Houston Breast Lift Procedure

Houston breast liftHouston breast lift procedures are a popular cosmetic surgery option. These operations can be done in tandem with breast augmentations or on their own. As the name suggests, breast lifts help upraise your breasts to give them a more appealing shape. Many factors can cause your breasts to change shape or sag, such as breastfeeding, weight loss, and natural aging. Houston breast lift procedures offer many benefits for women with sagging breasts.

What is a Houston Breast Lift Operation?

Commonly known as a breast lift, mastopexy surgically lifts or raises sagging breasts. and can also shape and contour breasts for a more youthful appearance. This is different from breast augmentations, which involve inserting breast implants to increase volume. During a breast lift operation, your Houston cosmetic surgeon removes extra skin to tighten the surrounding tissue. This helps uplift and enhance the look of your breasts. Your Houston breast lift may also include repositioning your areola and nipples to improve nipple placement.

Generally, this procedure takes 1-2 hours to complete, after which you can typically go straight home from your Houston cosmetic surgery center. Additionally, many women return to work within the first week after their operation. Now that you know a little bit about the operation, there are some key benefits to having a breast lift surgery, including having more clothing options and reducing irritation under your breasts.

Fill Out Clothing and Bras Better

One thing that women love about Houston breast lift procedures is the chance to fill out their clothing better. Perkier breasts can help you feel more confident and try other fashion choices, such as body-hugging items. You may also consider dresses and shirts that are backless or off the shoulder, as you won’t need to worry about your breasts sagging if you go braless. Also, your uplifted breasts may help you fit into bras and swimsuits more comfortably.

Less Under Breast Irritation

Another reason to talk to your Houston cosmetic surgeon about a breast lift is if your breasts sag enough to cause under breast irritation. Drooping breasts can cause the fold of skin under your breasts to chafe, which can be uncomfortable. However, a Houston breast lift may reduce this irritation because of the new shape of your breasts. Once the excess skin is removed and your breasts are perkier, there will be less opportunity for your skin to rub against itself and cause irritation.

There are many reasons women decide to get a breast lift procedure. Whatever your reasons are, make sure to speak with your cosmetic surgeon about your desired results and the specifics of the surgery. Your Houston cosmetic surgeon is the best resource for determining if a breast lift is the right choice for you.

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