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Houston Breast Lift: What Makes Breasts Sag?

Three different women considering a Houston breast lift

Everyone’s bodies are different, so there may be many different factors that cause your breasts to sag. Fortunately, a Houston breast lift can restore them to a perky position.

If your breasts look saggy, low, or deflated, then you might consider a Houston breast lift procedure. This can help restore your breasts to a perkier, more youthful position on the chest. One thing many of our clients wonder is what causes breasts to sag in the first place and how a breast lift works. Let’s talk about saggy breasts and breast lifts. 

How a Houston Breast Lift Helps Correct Sagging Breasts

If you’re concerned about the position of your breasts, our Houston cosmetic surgeon may recommend a breast lift. Breast lifts help reshape and reposition the breasts. They’re primarily used for breast ptosis, which is the medical term for sagging breasts. 

During a Houston breast lift, we surgically remove excess skin on the breast that may lead to sagging. Through tightening the breast skin, you can achieve a much more perky position. Breast lifts don’t add or remove any breast volume, simply lift them to a higher area on the chest. 

However, if you wish to have larger breasts and also address sagging, then you may be able to combine breast implants with your Houston breast lift. This involves adding the implant and also removing excess skin to improve the look of your breasts.

What Makes Breasts Sag in the First Place?

If you’re considering a breast lift, then you might be wondering what makes breasts sag. There are a number of factors that influence breast ptosis. Age is one of the biggest ones and also is completely unavoidable. Naturally over time, the skin and ligaments lose their elasticity and allow the breasts to droop lower. 

However, other things can speed up this process, including:

  • Rapid weight changes
  • Pregnancy
  • Smoking
  • High BMI
  • Large breast size
  • Estrogen deficiency
  • Smoking

By contrast, using (or not using) a bra, wearing an ill fitting bra, and breastfeeding have little effect on breast ptosis. 

Most of the sagging comes from the Cooper’s ligaments lengthening and relaxing with time. These are small ligaments that support the breasts, hold them in place, and give them shape. Once they stretch, there is no way to repair or replace the Cooper’s ligaments, even with Houston cosmetic surgery

Capriotti Cosmetic & Laser Surgery: Top Houston Cosmetic Surgeon for Breast Enhancement

Our team at Capriotti Cosmetic & Laser Surgery offers quality care for your cosmetic surgery procedures. Whether you’re interested in a Houston breast lift, augmentation, or another procedure, we are here for you. 

Our experienced surgeon, Dr. Capriotti, offers years of expertise for a variety of procedures on the breast, body, and face. He has been published in many places and was one of the first surgeons in the U.S. to use lasers for cosmetic procedures. Dr. Capriotti is double board certified and operates out of a cosmetic surgery center to help save patients thousands of dollars compared to hospitals and even outpatient surgical centers. 

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