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Houston Cosmetic Surgeon: Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

woman looking at butt in mirror before talking to Houston cosmetic surgeon about a Brazilian butt lift

Wish you had a larger, rounder bum? Talk to our Houston cosmetic surgeon about a Brazilian butt lift.

Looking for a larger, rounder, and more shapely derriere? Then you may want to talk to our Houston cosmetic surgeon about the Brazilian butt lift procedure (BBL for short). This surgery offers natural-looking results to enhance the look of your bum. It’s becoming a more and more popular procedure, so let’s talk about some things you should know.

Ask Your Houston Cosmetic Surgeon if a Brazilian Butt Lift is Right For You

As with any cosmetic procedure, you should ask your Houston cosmetic surgeon if you are a good candidate for a BBL. Generally speaking, you might be a good candidate for this Houston cosmetic surgery if you are in good overall health, follow a healthy diet and exercise, and maintain a consistent weight. These factors can help you reduce risks during surgery. They can also help you get the results you’re looking for from surgery. The first step to determining if a BBL is right for you is to schedule a consultation with our Houston cosmetic surgeon to discuss results, risks, and other important information to know before surgery.

What is a BBL?

So, what is a BBL? If you’re only familiar with the hilarious TikToks of the so-called “BBL effect,” you might think this is something that makes you sip from a straw tongue first. However, it’s actually cosmetic procedure that enhances the look of the buttocks area. It’s also known as a gluteal augmentation or a buttocks augmentation. This surgery involves taking fat from other areas of your body with liposuction and then transferring it into your butt area. The result is a larger, rounder bum you’ll be proud to show off. 

The Brazilian butt lift is a bit of a misnomer. This procedure doesn’t actually lift anything like a Houston breast lift does. It doesn’t tighten sagging skin or reposition what you already have. So, it’s probably not what you’re looking for if you have sagging in the buttocks area. Instead, it’s an augmentation where you’re adding volume, like a breast augmentation. However, this procedure uses your own fat to make your butt bigger, rather than implants. This can help you achieve more natural results.

Some Things to Know About Brazilian Butt Lift Houston Cosmetic Surgery

Before you get a Brazilian butt lift, it’s important to have some general information to help you and your surgeon decide if it’s right for you. The first thing to know is that, like any surgery, there are risks involved. It’s essential to choose a Houston cosmetic surgeon with experience and training to perform the Brazilian butt lift. This is because when the fat is injected incorrectly, it can enter the bloodstream and reach the lungs, causing respiratory problems or even death. So, make sure you choose a board-certified surgeon with experience performing that specific procedure. Choosing an inexperienced surgeon can lead to dangerous complications.

Also, keep in mind that your fat can reabsorb some of the fat after transfer. We use PureGraft Fat Transfer methods to help filter out contaminants to reduce the risk of inflammation and reabsorption. However, keep in mind there will likely be some cells that your body will absorb. Therefore, our surgeon may recommend injecting more fat during the procedure to account for what will likely be lost. This may help you avoid more than one procedure to get the results you want.

Results from a BBL can take about 6 months to fully appear. Also, talk to our surgeon about the recovery instructions. Knowing what to expect during the recovery period can help you decide if you’re ready for the procedure. Generally, you will need to stay off your buttocks for a minimum of two weeks, choosing to stand, kneel, or lie on your stomach until you have started to heal. You may also need to invest in special donut-shaped pillows to keep the weight off of the treatment area when you sit. Make sure you’re ready for the recovery period before getting a Brazilian butt lift.

Experienced Cosmetic Surgery Care at Capriotti Cosmetic & Laser Surgery

Our team at Capriotti Cosmetic & Laser Surgery is here to help you enhance your appearance through quality care for your cosmetic surgery procedures. Dr. Capriotti offers years of experience as a board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Houston. He has completed countless surgeries to help people improve the look of insecurities like flat buttocks, breast ptosis, and facial wrinkles. If you’re considering a Brazilian butt lift or another cosmetic procedure, contact our team today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Capriotti!

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