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Houston Cosmetic Surgeon for Facial Implants

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Talk to your Houston cosmetic surgeon about whether facial implants can help you get the results you want.

When you think of implants for cosmetic surgery, you might think of breast implants. However, some other common implants used for cosmetic surgery are facial implants, such as for the nose, chin, and cheeks. These implants allow your Houston cosmetic surgeon to improve the appearance of your face. In this article, we’ll discuss facial implants and why they may be a good solution for you. 

Why Would My Houston Cosmetic Surgeon Use Facial Implants?

Facial implants are a common way to augment certain areas of the face. This is typically to help balance out your features or help you achieve a more youthful appearance. Facial implants for cosmetic surgery are typically made of medical-grade silicone and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to help your Houston cosmetic surgeon tailor your procedure to you. 

Implants offer many advantages, especially compared to dermal fillers like hyaluronic acid. Some people use fillers to visually fill in areas of the face, such as the cheeks, nose, and chin. However, fillers are a temporary option that fade over time (usually within six months to two years) as the body reabsorbs the filler material. Therefore, results are not permanent and you may need frequent appointments to maintain your results. By contrast, implants provide a more permanent option. Silicone facial implants can last a lifetime. 

Types of Facial Implants for Houston Cosmetic Surgery

Facial implants help with many different types of Houston cosmetic surgery. Three of the major types of facial implants include nasal implants, cheek implants, and chin implants. 

Nasal implants are commonly used to bring the bridge of the nose forward and create a more distinct tip for the nose. This can help the bridge of the nose look narrower and more defined while providing a slightly uplifted tip of the nose. Specially designed implants, like the nasal implants designed and patented by Dr. Capriotti, help create this attractive shape for the nose. 

Cheek implants help improve the look of the cheeks. Submalar cheek implants help increase volume in the mid-face area, where age can create hollow areas that can make the face look older and more wrinkled. The surgeon places submalar implants directly underneath the cheek bone to help get rid of the sunken cheek look. This can help you look younger and healthier and may even postpone the need for a Houston face lift

Chin implants help define the jawline and bring a recessed chin forward. For this procedure, your Houston cosmetic surgeon places the implant on top of the chin bone to create a more defined chin and jaw, which can help balance out the face. 

Enhance Your Beauty with Capriotti Cosmetic & Laser Surgery

Our team at Capriotti Cosmetic & Laser Surgery is here to help you improve your natural beauty through experienced cosmetic surgery solutions. We offer a wide range of procedures to help address many issues, including on the face, body, and breasts. Our team operates out of a state-of-the-art surgical center to provide outpatient surgery at more affordable costs. Contact us now to set up a consultation with our double board certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Capriotti!

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