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Choose a Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center to Reduce Costs

surgical team performing cosmetic surgery in Houston cosmetic surgery center

Thinking about getting cosmetic surgery? We work out of a Houston cosmetic surgery center for quality care and lower prices.

If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, you’re probably wondering about the cost. Of course, costs vary based on your individual situation and the procedure you’re interested in. However, one thing to keep in mind is that choosing a procedure in an outpatient Houston cosmetic surgery center may help you save on your surgery while still receiving quality care. 

What is a Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center?

A Houston cosmetic surgery center is an outpatient surgical center where surgeons perform cosmetic surgery. Basically, there are a couple of options on where the surgeon performs your procedure. Two of the most common are hospitals and outpatient surgery centers. Surgery centers are becoming a more and more popular choice. 

These facilities are also known as ambulatory surgery centers. Most surgery centers focus on a certain type of surgery. For cosmetic surgery centers, this is where surgeons only perform Houston cosmetic surgery. These facilities are separate from hospitals and only offer outpatient services. The surgeons that perform in cosmetic surgery centers still hold the same education and credentials as surgeons who perform cosmetic procedures in a hospital. Therefore, you can receive quality care for your cosmetic procedures, but in a medical facility that concentrates on that type of surgery.

How Do Surgery Centers Help Reduce Houston Cosmetic Surgery Costs?

One of the benefits of choosing a Houston cosmetic surgery center over a hospital is that it can save you costs for your procedure. Before we can explain why, it’s important to go over some of the different costs for cosmetic surgery. Your surgery has a few different types of costs, including the surgical fee, the anesthesia fee, and the facility fee. The surgical fee is essentially like your surgeon’s paycheck for the procedure, while the anesthesia fee pays the anesthesiologist and for anesthesia medications needed. The facility fee includes material costs for the surgery (for instance, materials for a Houston face lift might include sutures) as well as fees that contribute to the overall running of the facility.

Generally speaking, hospital facility fees are typically higher than surgery center fees. One study found that outpatient surgery centers tended to reduce the amount of time in surgery for procedures. This study found an average time savings of 31.8 fewer minutes for procedures, with each minute costing between $29 and $80 per minute, which doesn’t include the surgeon and anesthesia fees. Therefore, this may be one reason why surgery centers tend to save patients money for their outpatient procedures.

Choose Capriotti Cosmetic & Laser Surgery for Quality Cosmetic Procedures

Our double board-certified surgeon, Dr. Robert J. Capriotti, M.D., F.A.C.S., operates out of a surgery center complete with a medical spa to perform state-of-the-art beauty enhancing procedures. Our surgery center offers two operating rooms comparable to those found in hospitals and equipped for general anesthesia and other extensive and complicated procedures. Because we operate out of a surgery center, many patients save thousands of dollars compared to hospitals. Interested in a cosmetic procedure? Reach out for a consultation today!

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