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Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center vs. Hospital

Houston cosmetic surgery center operating room with operating table, lamps, and medical equipment

A Houston cosmetic surgery center has operating rooms and recovery rooms, but no long-term patient rooms.

If you’re thinking about having a cosmetic procedure done, you might wonder where you’ll get surgery. For instance, in a hospital or an outpatient surgical center? In many cases, you’ll have your procedure in a Houston cosmetic surgery center. These facilities are different from hospitals and offer benefits for standard cosmetic operations.

Surgical Centers vs. Hospitals for Cosmetic Surgery

First off, what’s the difference between a hospital and a surgical center? Surgeons perform procedures at both types of facilities. However, surgical centers focus on only outpatient surgeries, like cosmetic procedures. Ambulatory surgery centers generally don’t offer in-patient services. A Houston cosmetic surgery center will have operating rooms and recovery rooms. There won’t be patient rooms where you stay an extended period of time.

Also, hospitals typically handle far more types of situations than surgical centers. For instance, most hospitals have an emergency department for serious illnesses and injuries. Surgery centers only handle planned outpatient procedures. A cosmetic surgery center specializes in specifically providing cosmetic surgery. In outpatient surgery centers, if an emergency occurs, they generally transport you to the nearest hospital. While emergencies are rare, this is another important difference between hospitals and cosmetic surgical centers.

Benefits of Getting Your Procedure at a Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center

A Houston cosmetic surgeon can operate out of a hospital or a surgical center. However, it’s becoming more and more common to have cosmetic procedures in an outpatient center. There are a few reasons for this.

First, hospital operating rooms are subject to availability. This means wait times can be pretty long. Also, if operating rooms are needed for emergency procedures, a cosmetic surgery might get cancelled. By contrast, a dedicated cosmetic surgery center doesn’t share operating rooms with emergency patients, so there are fewer scheduling conflicts.

Also, in a cosmetic surgery center, ill patients aren’t coming in for diagnosis. That means those getting cosmetic procedures aren’t sharing spaces with people who are sick. This may help reduce the risk of you getting sick after your procedure.

Another benefit of surgical centers is they tend to be more affordable. hospitals often have an incredible amount of overhead. This means in many cases, you’ll end up paying more for a cosmetic procedure at a hospital compared to an outpatient center.

In addition, many believe that surgery centers may be more efficient. One study found that procedures took more time at hospitals than at outpatient surgery centers. Therefore, in straightforward cases, procedures at a surgery center may be a faster option.

However, keep in mind that cosmetic procedures at surgery centers aren’t the right option for everyone. This depends on many factors, including your personal health status. It’s important to discuss your specific circumstances with an experienced surgeon to help you understand the pros and cons for your situation.

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