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What Is The Ideal Breast Augmentation Size For Women?

If you are considering a breast augmentation procedure to enhance your appearance and increase your self-confidence, you may be wondering what size implants to choose for your new look. The good news is that there is no one right answer; your personal preferences and overall proportions are the primary criteria that should govern your decision. Here are six facts to consider when choosing the right breast enhancement options for you.

Overall Proportions Matter Most

Studies have shown that breast size is less important to overall attractiveness than the ratio between waist and hips for most people. Breasts should be proportional to the size of your body. Larger breasts can sometimes create a most attractive appearance for women with thicker waists because of a perceived improvement in the waist-hip ratio; in general, though, choosing an implant that provides a balanced proportion for your figure can help you to look your best.

Perceived Personality Traits May Be Linked to Breast Size

While surveys indicate that medium-sized breasts are most preferred by both men and women, positive traits are also associated with larger and smaller breast sizes. Women with smaller breasts, for instance, are perceived as competent and modest; those with larger breast sizes may be considered more nurturing and intelligent. These perceptions generally only apply to first impressions, however, and may fade over time as others get to know you better.

Too-Large Breasts Can Cause Back Problems

Choosing an overly large implant can interfere with your ability to engage in sports and exercise and may lead to back and shoulder strain. If you jog, run or participate in other aerobic activities, you may want to discuss these exercise options with your Houston cosmetic surgeon before settling on a larger implant for your breast augmentation. Your doctor can help you determine if the implant you want will interfere with your regular activities or if it has the potential to cause medical issues later on.

Breast Shape Is Critical to Perceived Attractiveness

One of the most important factors in the overall appearance of your breasts is their shape. In some cases, investing in a Houston breast lift procedure can create a shapelier silhouette and a more attractive look for you. Breast lifts can be used to eliminate sagging and to correct imperfections in the shape of your breasts. These procedures can be combined with implants to create the ideal shape and size for your breasts and to enhance your self-esteem and self-confidence in every facet of your life.

Losing Fat Can Reduce Breast Size

If you are currently on a weight-loss regimen, you may notice changes in the shape and fullness of your breasts as the pounds melt away. Working with an experienced Houston cosmetic surgeon can help you fine-tune your new look with a breast lift or implant procedure that restores fullness and curves to your breasts. Targeted liposuction and tummy tuck procedures can ensure the most attractive waist-hip ratio to show off your svelte new look.

The Choice Is Up to You

While public perception may play a role in your choice of implant or breast enhancement procedure, the ultimate decision on breast size is up to you. Your surgeon will discuss all available options with you to determine the most appropriate way to approach your situation and will provide you with detailed information on the surgical techniques involved and the likely results of these procedures. In the end, however, your preferences will be the final deciding factor on the implant size and the procedures used to create your brand-new look.

Your Houston breast augmentation procedure can provide you with increased confidence and an improved self-image for a welcome boost in social and professional situations. By working with an experienced and knowledgeable surgeon, you can enjoy the best possible results to help you look and feel your best every day.


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