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Kris Jenner Loves Breast Augmentation

In our book, any positive attention cosmetic surgery receives is a good thing.   So, when a celebrity like Kris Jenner announces how much she loves breast augmentation, it brings a smile to our face.    In fact, it is our mission to have every patient that comes to our Houston office feel the same way as breast augmentation surgery should make a person happy.

However, she definitely said something very interesting.   Her statement was that women should get a new pair of breasts every 20 years.  While we love the positive promotion of our industry, we can not agree with this statement. Now, while it is true that there is no guarantee your implants will last a lifetime, that does not mean there is a set timetable for replacing them.  The truth is the shelf life of breast implants varies depending on each individual.   Some people may need them replaced quicker than others while some people may not need them replaced at all.

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