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Laser Hair Removal vs. Waxing

Removing unwanted hair is a key concern for many women in the Houston area. Both waxing and laser hair removal services offer benefits and drawbacks. Consulting with your Houston cosmetic surgeon can provide you with the most up-to-date and effective options for enhancing your appearance. Here are some of the most important comparison points for consideration when choosing between laser hair removal and waxing.

Laser Hair Removal Is a Permanent Solution

Unlike waxing, laser hair removal is designed to remove hair permanently from the treated areas. While hair that is removed during waxing may take added time to grow back, it will return and require further treatments in the future. Laser hair removal systems use targeted light pulses to stop hair growth at the follicle, preventing any future regrowth in treated areas.

Waxing Offers Temporary Results

After waxing, hair typically grows back at a slower rate than normal and may be finer or less dense than before these treatments. This can extend the time needed between waxing treatments. Most professional estheticians recommend allowing your hair to grow out to at least a half-inch in length before waxing to ensure the most effective removal of unwanted hair. This wait can sometimes present difficulties for individuals with significant social obligations on an ongoing basis.

Expect Some Amount of Pain

Both waxing and laser treatments can cause some pain during the procedure. Your hair removal techHouston Laser Hair Removalnician should be able to provide you with a numbing cream that can reduce the discomfort associated with waxing or laser hair removal procedures. Applying lotion after your treatments can also provide some relief from the burning sensation sometimes experienced after hair removal sessions.

Laser Hair Removal Is Not Right for Everyone

Laser hair removal systems depend on a significant contrast between skin color and hair color. As a result, women with darker skin or with blonde hair may have difficulty in achieving the desired results. Your laser hair removal specialist will provide you with an accurate assessment of your suitability for this advanced procedure. In some cases, you may be able to enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal by following a few simple steps provided by your technician before scheduling your treatment.

Waxing Can Sometimes Cause Ingrown Hairs

Because the waxing process puts stress on delicate skin tissues, some people report a higher instance of ingrown hairs after waxing treatments as compared with laser hair removal. By contrast, technicians generally report that laser treatments can clear up ingrown hairs and provide a smoother, more attractive appearance for most patients.

Discuss Your Plans with Your Doctor First

Especially if you are planning a Houston face lift or other procedure, it is essential to discuss your hair removal regimen and plans with your physician beforehand. Waxing can put pressure on delicate tissues and can cause serious issues with the healing process. Laser hair removal strategies may also have negative effects on delicate skin before and after your Houston cosmetic surgery. Your surgeon can give you the most accurate guidance on the right hair removal solutions for your specific needs and situation.

Working with a trusted technician is essential to achieve the best possible results. Costs can vary widely depending on the amount of hair you want to remove, the location of that hair and any complications that could make the process more difficult. Laser hair removal generally constitutes a large one-time expense although it may take more than one treatment; waxing, by contrast, must be repeated every few months at considerable expense. By building a good working relationship with the technician who performs your waxing or laser hair removal treatment, you can ensure that your results live up to your expectations and that you enjoy the most beautiful results whether you opt for laser hair removal or regular waxing with a trained technician.


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