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Liposuction Can Be Life Changing

Morgan is a 24 year old, unmarried female, who was overweight, sluggish and “un-hot” by her own admission.  Diet plans “came and went”; exercise was an unpleasant chore, and shopping for clothes just made her depressed.  She needed to jumpstart her outlook and get back in the groove.  That all changed a few months ago when she stopped by my Houston office because she wanted a cosmetic surgeon to make her beautiful!

Morgan underwent liposuction of her trunk, including her upper and lower back, as well as her hips and legs.  Within three weeks (see post-op pictures), her shape as well as her outlook completely changed. She gave away her “fat” clothes, changed her eating habits, and started to go jogging again.  In short – she changed her lifestyle to match her new physique.  “I look like I’ve always wanted and aim to keep it that way,” she said. Needless to say, she no longer considers herself “unhot” and nobody else does either.


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