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Liposuction: Cosmetic Surgery Everyone Agrees On

When someone in Houston is considering cosmetic surgery, it’s natural that what a women desires doesn’t match up with what men want, and vice versa.   Think about it:  while a woman may want bigger breasts, that’s not something a man would want for his body.   In fact, odds are he would want smaller breasts.   Also, a mother may want a tummy tuck following pregnancy, but that isn’t something a man is likely to go under the knife for.

However, there is one cosmetic surgery procedure that both men and women both like a lot, and that is liposuction.   In 2011, liposuction was the most popular cosmetic surgery treatment for men, and it was the second most popular for women.   We can’t say this really surprises us.   Nobody likes feeling like they are too fat, and liposuction is a quick way to get in shape. Whereas an improved diet and exercise regimen may take months to show noticeable results, patients can see significant change a week after liposuction.


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