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Lying About Plastic Surgery Is Not Smart

We understand that not everyone supports someone’s desire to change their appearance through plastic surgery.  We even understand how that can influence people to not tell others they went under the knife.  However, there is a distinct difference between choosing to not disclose the fact you visited a plastic surgeon and blatantly lying about it.  While neither is the best option(telling the truth is), lying about getting plastic surgery is far worse.

For one thing, you are not going to be able to keep up the lie forever. Eventually bandages get removed, scars fade away, and your new look is not hard to spot.  Furthermore, you are intentionally deceiving another person.  This can create irreparable damage to your relationship with that individual.  For example, imagine telling your significant other that the bandages on your face were the result of a car accident.  Then magically weeks later, the scars disappear, and they can tell clear as day that you received a face lift.  That could create trust issues, and even possibly lead to separation or divorce.

When visiting with our patients, we always tell them honesty is the best policy.  It might seem like a corny phrase everyone learns in school, but it is true.  Telling the truth about undergoing plastic surgery may upset certain friends and family members, but not as much as not being forthcoming about it.  It is no different than a little kid that gets in trouble for doing something wrong.  If they tell the truth, their punishment will be less severe than if they lie to their parents.

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