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Can I get a Mammogram after Houston Breast Augmentation?

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We still recommend getting regular mammograms after Houston breast augmentation to screen for breast cancer.

Whether you’re considering a Houston breast augmentation or already have implants, it’s important to keep in mind that you will still need breast cancer screenings. While implants don’t increase your risk of breast cancer, they don’t reduce it either. Therefore, just like women without breast implants, you’ll still need to follow your doctor’s recommendation for breast cancer screenings and mammograms. 

Current recommendations from the American Cancer Society for mammograms are: 

  • Ages 40-44: You can start your annual mammogram if desired
  • Ages 45-54: Begin getting yearly mammograms
  • Age 55+: You can start getting mammograms every two years or annually if desired

These recommendations are the same whether you’ve had a Houston breast augmentation or not. However, you may wonder how breast implants affect a mammogram

Mammograms After Houston Breast Augmentation

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about mammograms after your Houston breast augmentation. For example, some women believe they can’t get mammograms. This isn’t necessarily the case. While you should work with your primary care physician to determine the right steps for you, in most cases you should still get your routine breast cancer screenings, implants or not. 

It’s important to understand that breast implants may make it more difficult to see the breast tissue. Silicon or saline can make it hard to see breast tissue on X-rays. However, to help offset this, your imaging technician will likely take what we call implant displacement views. This generally means your technician will move your breast implants and take extra images to get clear pictures of your breast tissue. Therefore, in most you can still get mammograms after a Houston breast augmentation. 

How to Prepare for Your Breast Cancer Screening with Breast Implants

Preparing for a mammogram if you’ve had Houston breast augmentation is much the same as if you don’t have implants. However, there are a few things you can do to help make the process smooth and simple. First, do a little research to see if the imaging technicians have experience doing mammograms with breast implants. The mammogram technician may need to take more X-ray images, move your breast implants, or use lighter pressure. 

Also, when you call to make your appointment, let the scheduler know that you have breast implants. This can help your technician prepare. It may also help to remind them once you arrive and before they start the mammogram. 

In some cases, the radiologist may also order an ultrasound or an MRI if they are having trouble reading your mammogram images. Therefore, you may want to keep this in mind. 

Work with your doctor for the specifics of your case, but keep in mind that mammograms are still generally recommended whether you have breast implants or have had a Houston breast lift.

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