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Nipple Sensitivity After Your Houston Breast Augmentation: What to Expect

Houston Breast Augmentation - Nipple SensitivityOne concern that many women may have about undergoing a Houston breast augmentation is the potential for loss of sensation in certain areas of the breast, especially the nipples. Understanding the risk and potential can help you make the most practical choices when planning your procedure. There are a few factors that can affect sensitivity of your breasts and nipples after a Houston breast lift, reduction or enhancement procedure.

Temporary Loss of Sensation

A temporary lessening of feeling around the site of your incision or at the nipples is normal after a Houston breast lift procedure. This is usually part of the healing process and will improve after you have fully recovered from your Houston breast augmentation. For some women, however, the loss of sensation can be extreme or can last longer than a few weeks. This happens in a small percentage of cases and usually improves over time.

Increased Sensitivity

In some cases, women experience greater sensitivity in their nipples or other areas of their breasts after their breast augmentation procedure. This usually subsides in a few days or weeks. Your Houston cosmetic surgeon can usually provide recommendations to resolve this issue and to ensure that you

The Size and Placement of Implants

The size and placement of your implants can have a real impact on your ability to feel touch and to maintain sensitivity in your breasts and nipples.

  • Larger implants are more likely to cause loss of sensitivity and may be more obvious to you after your Houston breast augmentation procedure. Smaller implants typically require less invasive surgery, which can provide added protection against loss of sensitivity after your breast enhancement.
  • Breast lifts and reductions also present a higher risk of damage to nerves and loss of sensitivity than implants and augmentations.
  • Implants can be placed above or beneath the pectoral muscles. Above-the-muscle implants are considered to be less invasive in most cases. Implants placed below the muscle, however, may produce a more natural look and typically allow for normal blood flow to the nipples, which can enhance breast-feeding and can protect sensitivity and nerve function against damage during the augmentation process.

Your cosmetic surgeon is the best source of information regarding your planned procedure and its potential effects on the sensitivity of your breasts and nipples.

The team at Capriotti Cosmetic and Laser Surgery will work with you to determine the best approach for your needs. We are committed to helping our patients look and feel their very best every day. Call us at 713-674-7201 to schedule an appointment with our team. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


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