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Nose Jobs Throughout History

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery options for modern patients. The humble nose job, however, can make a big difference in your appearance. When combined with a Houston face lift procedure, these surgical treatments can often transform your whole look. The advanced procedures used to reshape noses today, however, have evolved significantly from the earliest days of rhinoplasty. Here are some of the methods used for nose job treatments throughout history that have evolved into the surgical procedures used by every Houston cosmetic surgeon today.

Ancient Egypt and India

Medical texts that date back to 2500 B.C. outline the treatments used by Egyptian physicians to repair a broken nose. In 800 B.C., an Indian practitioner of ayurvedic medicine named Sushruta used skin transplanted from other parts of the body to reconstruct noses. Sushruta and his students are credited with originating the paramedian forehead flap method of nasal reconstruction, a strategy that is still sometimes used today.

The Roman Empire

Reconstructive surgery was also an important part of medical practice in the Roman Empire. Aulus Cornelius Celsus wrote eight volumes on medicine that included extensive descriptions of facial reconstructions and corrections. Many of the procedures developed during this period were intended to repair injuries sustained by soldiers in the field. Congenital defects, however, were also addressed in the treatises of this time.

The 16th Century

While some ancient Indian texts on plastic surgery were rediscovered and translated into Arabic during the Dark Ages, it was not until the late 1500s that cosmetic surgery and rhinoplasty once again became a priority in the medical community. The rise of syphilis among the general population led to an increased need for repairs and cosmetic alterations to replace tissue in the nose and other areas of the face. Skin grafts from the arms or elsewhere were among the most popular methods for repairing noses damaged by this serious disease.

The 20th Century

Plastic surgery became a full-fledged medical specialty after World War I and was used to repair and reconstruct the faces of soldiers who came back disfigured from the war. Higher demand and advances in medical technologies led to improved results and increased public acceptance of cosmetic procedures, a trend that continues to the present day.

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