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One Star Says No More to Plastic Surgery

While most people in Houston love their plastic surgery results, others don’t feel the same way. Count celebrity talk show host, Sharon Osbourne, in the latter group.

After looking at pictures of herself taken recently, the star has decided enough is enough when it comes to undergoing plastic surgery.   She says that when looking at those photos she felt her face looked fake in her mind, and she began to second guess her decisions to go under the knife in the past.   It also didn’t help matters that she learned that one of her breasts was in “bad shape” as she put it because of previously getting breast implants.

Regardless of your opinion on the way she looks or her feelings about her physical appearance, this story shows why we stress taking your time to make an educated, well-thought out decision before getting plastic surgery.   Years, even decades, later you will still be living with the changes you made to your body, so you better be happy with them.  If you rush into undergoing plastic surgery, not only could the procedure go wrong, but you may find yourself with disappointment and regret years later. No plastic surgeon wants that for any of their patients.


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