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Regulating the Cosmetic Surgery Industry

In order to become a plastic surgeon, one must undergo years of specialized medical training and get properly licensed.  Only then can you perform breast lifts, face lifts, breast augmentation, and other popular plastic surgery procedures.

That’s why it pains us that so many stories about illegal plastic surgery and shady practices have been major news lately.  You had a clinic in Maryland shut down because three people got severe infections from a simple liposuction treatment.   Then, there was the trial for a person that had illegally administered a butt injection treatment that killed the individual receiving the treatment.  Today, we ran across another one. Apparently, in Great Britain, not only can a person by dermal filler treatments online, but the seller doesn’t have to list the chemicals in the product.

Now, we applaud the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons for pushing that these injectables are classified as medicines so they would have to be properly tested and labeled prior to being sold to the public. It also pleases us to see that they want to regulate who can actually administer these treatments.

We don’t want anyone in Houston giving their face a lift by going to an unlicensed professional for a skin rejuvenation treatment or purchasing such a treatment online.   It’s just not safe, and our patients safety is our number one priority.


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