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Seven Tips for Selecting the Right Houston Cosmetic Surgeon

slide1Modern cosmetic surgery techniques can allow you to enhance your appearance and to increase your self-confidence in almost every aspect of your daily life. Choosing the right cosmetic surgeon can provide you with real peace of mind throughout your journey to a brand-new you. Here are seven important factors to consider when selecting your Houston cosmetic surgeon.

Board Certification

Four primary organizations are responsible for certifying physicians in the field of cosmetic surgery:

• American Society for Dermatologic Surgery
• American Society of Plastic Surgeons
• American Academy of Dermatology
• American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

These associations maintain high standards for the physicians they certify and are often responsible for sponsoring and accrediting training courses designed for aspiring reconstructive and cosmetic surgeons. Board certification is a good indicator that a doctor has been trained specifically in the cosmetic surgery field and is well qualified to perform these types of procedures. By choosing a board-certified surgeon, you can ensure the best results from your Houston breast augmentation or other cosmetic surgery procedures.


Finding a cosmetic surgeon with whom you feel comfortable discussing your expectations and your desired enhancements can help you manage the process more easily. The right Houston cosmetic surgeon can make you feel at ease and can diminish any embarrassment you may feel in discussing your upcoming surgery. Choosing a surgeon who takes time to answer your questions and to help you understand your options can increase your confidence before, during and after your procedure.


Surgeons with extensive experience in the cosmetic surgery field can generally produce better results than newcomers to this specialty. Selecting a surgeon with a proven track record in the particular procedure you are considering can help you achieve the results you want while ensuring that the physician’s experience is directly applicable to your situation.


Asking for references from satisfied patients can provide you with a better understanding of what to expect during and after your surgery. Be sure to ask for references directly related to your planned procedure; for instance, if you are looking for a Houston face lift surgeon, talking to other patients who have undergone a face lift procedure can help you make the right choice. If your doctor has before-and-after pictures of clients, studying these resources carefully can also provide a better perspective on your own likely results.

Safety Considerations

Cosmetic surgeries should always be performed in a safe environment. While some doctors have the staff and equipment necessary to operate in their own offices, others may have admitting privileges at a local Houston hospital. Determining where your cosmetic surgery will be performed can give you a better idea of the safeguards and emergency services that will be available during your operation.

Realistic Expectations

Avoid surgeons who provide overly optimistic or unrealistic predictions regarding your expected results. Reputable cosmetic surgeons will be honest about the risks of surgery, the possibility of complications and the likely results of your procedure. By working with a surgeon who provides you with accurate information, you can make a more informed decision regarding your planned surgical procedure.


While the price of your cosmetic surgery should not be the determining factor in selecting your surgeon, it is important that all fees and incidental charges be clearly defined before beginning the process. This can help you to avoid unpleasant financial surprises that can undermine your budget and cause you stress during your self-enhancement efforts.

By taking these seven factors into consideration during your search for a qualified Houston cosmetic surgeon, you can create a positive partnership that can produce the results you want while minimizing any risks associated with your surgery. Modern cosmetic procedures can enhance your appearance and boost your self-esteem to help you feel more confident and attractive every day.

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