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Situations That May Make Plastic Surgery Necessary

Getting in a car accident.  Having your body catch on fire.   Suffering a sports related injury.   At first glance, none of these events has anything in common with the others. However, that would be inaccurate.   Each event may cause someone to undergo plastic surgery.

Car accidents are a common reason people require reconstructive plastic surgery. In August 2012, television host Marc Summers underwent facial plastic surgery after a cab he was riding in hydroplaned.  In 2007, actress Rose McGowan was involved in a car accident where her glasses pushed into her face, slicing the skin under her eye.   She enlisted the help of a plastic surgeon to restore her face to its original condition.

Besides car accident victims, burn victims also may benefit from reconstructive plastic surgery.  For example, consider the issue of acid attacks in Pakistan. These attacks severely damage a person’s face, making basic tasks painful.  According to an article in the Daily Mail, over 100 people are victimized by these attacks each year, and many more cases go unreported.   However, the article also reports that a British plastic surgeon, Dr. Mohammad Jawad, is doing his part to help these burn victims.  Every three months, he travels to Pakistan and performs reconstructive surgery for free.

Sports related injuries also may cause someone to undergo reconstructive plastic surgery.   Last March, A.J. Burnett, a starting pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates, underwent surgery to replace a fractured orbital bone after a failed bunt attempt.  The year before, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison suffered the same injury after the forehead pad in his helmet struck him in the eye.   In November 2011, Boston Bruins forward Daniel Paille needed a rhinoplasty after being hit in the face by a slap shot.

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