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Visit Your Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center, not “Botox Bars”

Houston cosmetic surgery centerBotox is a widely popular way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Because of the demand for these treatments, so-called “Botox bars” are popping up. However, the safest way to receive Botox injections is to visit your Houston cosmetic surgery center to ensure that they are done properly. Though negative side effects are quite rare, it’s important to visit an experienced professional for these types of procedures.

What are Botox Bars?

The trendy term “Botox bar” refers to businesses where you can receive Botox injections by medically untrained technicians. Typically, these companies also offer filler injections. As it becomes more socially acceptable to receive Botox and fillers, these companies have been on the rise. Botox bars tend to treat these medical procedures much like you would treat a hairstyling appointment. Hence the similarity to the name “blow out bar,” which is a salon that offers hair washing and blow drying to their clients.

However, is this attitude toward cosmetic procedures a little too casual? Though Botox is typically a very safe practice, there are some risks which can be heightened by choosing a Botox bar over your Houston cosmetic surgery center as the environment for your wrinkle treatment. 

Safety Risks

Your Houston cosmetic surgeon has the education and experience necessary to safely administer Botox and other injections like fillers. Though negative consequences are rare, it is important to make sure that risks are prevented as much as possible.

Any time you are receiving injections, there is a chance for vascular events. This is where an injected substance enters a blood vessel or compresses the vessel from the outside. Cosmetic surgeons are properly trained to not only deal with these incidents if they occur, but also to prevent them from happening. Injections on the face must be done in particular areas and depths to avoid vascular events.

In addition, infection is another potential risk when receiving injections. Doctors are educated on proper infection control and prevention procedures to protect you. They must make sure that their equipment, environment, and the area they are injecting are properly sanitized to ensure infection isn’t introduced during procedures like Botox and filler injections. At your Houston cosmetic surgery center, physicians take steps to protect your safety. Therefore, going to a certified Houston cosmetic surgeon is the safest way to receive these treatments. 

Capriotti Cosmetic and Laser Surgery offers Houston cosmetic surgery solutions customized to your needs. Dr. Capriotti has over 30 years of experience in cosmetic surgery to ensure the safest possible practices for your procedures. We offer affordable options for Botox, face lifts, breast augmentation, and many other cosmetic procedures. Call our team today at (713) 764-7201 for more information on the services we offer and how we can help you enhance your appearance.

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