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Where Will Plastic Surgery Be in 10 Years?

Though it’s now common for people in Houston to get face lifts, breast lifts, or even breast augmentation surgery, it wasn’t always that way.   At one time, these plastic surgery procedures were in their infancy, and plastic surgeons didn’t know if they would take off or not.   Now, obviously, we all see how that turned out.   Nobody knows what the future holds for plastic surgery, but that doesn’t stop people from speculating about it.  In fact, we read an article written by respected plastic surgeon where he predicts six extreme plastic surgery procedures will be developed in the next decade.

Here are the six procedures that he predicted to become mainstream in plastic surgery by 2022:

  1. Implantable Bras
  2. Elective Bionics
  3. Cognitive Enhancers
  4. Stem Cells
  5. Designer Babies
  6. Body Modification

Honestly, we see his point on most of these.   With today’s woman highly focused on convenience, implantable bras are conceivable.  We also could see people trying to become a bionic man or woman to improve their quality of life. Cognitive Enhancers and Stem Cells are the least shocking on the list, as people already take drugs to help them focus, and stem cells are starting to be incorporated into many areas of plastic surgery.  We can’t get behind the idea of designer babies and extreme body modification though. Genetically altering the way your child looks is going too far, as is someone in Houston asking a plastic surgeon to make them look like their favorite comic book character, or mythological creature.


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