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Why Cosmetic Surgery is Best Left for Adults

In this day and age, teenagers across America face a variety of challenges on a daily basis. They not only must go to school, but some of them have to get jobs to support their families. Others even have children to raise.   That is a lot of pressure to handle, especially at a young age. Therefore, it is understandable that they might look into cosmetic surgery as an avenue to relieve stress.  As much as we love enhancing people’s bodies, we think that is a mistake.

Cosmetic surgery is permanent.  It is not a temporary tattoo or hair color that washes out after a few days.  You have to be prepared to life with the consequences of this decision for the duration of your life.   Yes, it is true some teenagers possess the maturity to understand that. However, most teenagers are rarely looking that far ahead.  Instead, they tend to make spur-of-the-moment decisions based on the prevailing emotion at the time.  Not good.

For one thing, emotionally charged decisions often lead to unrealistic expectations.  A cosmetic surgeon is a great body sculptor, but a miracle worker they are not.  They can help you feel better about yourself, but if you believe surgery by itself will solve all your problems, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

For another, many teenagers want surgical enhancements before their body has fully matured. It does not make sense to go under the knife before your adult figure has been formed.  You very easily could like your adult body, if you give it a chance to finish developing.

That said, if a teenager wants to undergo true plastic surgery, that is different.  Since plastic surgery is just restoring the body to its initial shape or form, we think that is perfectly appropriate.

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