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Why More Men Are Getting Cosmetic Surgery

Male-Female-Sensual | Capriotti Cosmetic SurgeryHaving the desire to look your best is not something that is specific to just one gender. In fact, recent statistics indicate that men are increasingly turning to surgical procedures in order to enhance their appearance. For example, many Texas men have made the decision to learn about their Houston cosmetic surgery options, and this enables them to increase their confidence. When you consider the fact that numerous studies have found that higher self-esteem improves job performance and can lead to promotions, it makes perfect sense for men and women to consult with a Houston cosmetic surgeon if there is something about their looks that makes them feel badly about themselves.

What Type of Cosmetic Surgeries Do Men Usually Get?

According to the American Board of Plastic Surgeons (ABPS), there are five procedures that are especially popular for male patients, including rhinoplasty, hair transplantation, liposuction, eyelid surgery and breast reductions. Additionally, there are many men who opt to get a face lift or utilize Botox in order to retain a more youthful appearance, and 20 percent of all of the laser hair removal surgeries that take place in the U.S. are performed on men. The most popular cosmetic surgery for men is rhinoplasty, and approximately 53,000 of them underwent this procedure in 2013.

Why Have Male Cosmetic Surgery Numbers Dramatically Increased?

As previously mentioned, getting a cosmetic procedure such as a face lift could potentially have a big impact on a man’s career. It is also worth noting that men have become more open with their cosmetic surgeons about the fact that they quite simply want to look good. These two factors have led to an increase in male cosmetic procedures of more than 106 percent since 1997. Therefore, even if you are unaware of anyone having undergone cosmetic surgery, the odds are high that you know at least one or two men who have utilized this viable tool for staving off the effects of aging.

Is There Anything Specific That Men Should Know Before Their Surgery?

There are more than 15 million cosmetic surgeries performed in the U.S. every year, and this number continues to increase. A skilled cosmetic surgeon can provide stunning results, but it is important for men to be realistic about the outcome that they are looking for. It is also a good idea for anyone who will be undergoing any type of surgical procedure to stop drinking alcohol and smoking before moving forward. The Houston cosmetic surgeon will inform the patient about the anticipated healing time for their specific procedure, but this time frame is typically minimal and will lead to results that can often be life altering.

What Other Surgical Options Do Men Have?

The list of options for men is similar to those that are available for women, but there are some specific surgeries that are much more likely to be selected by a man. A good example of this is the increasing popularity of pectoral implants that create the appearance of six-pack abs. Buttock enhancements, jawline augmentation, gluteal implants, neck lifts and microdermabrasion are also on the list of cosmetic surgeries that men frequently select.

Whether a man is looking for a face lift or something less common, it is now easy to find cosmetic surgeons who either specialize in male patients or who have a relatively even mixture of clients. This provides men with the opportunity to take steps to improve their appearance without needing to feel concerned about being judged harshly. The reality is that men make up a larger percentage of cosmetic surgery patients, so they can feel confident in their decision to make minor or major tweaks to any portion of their body.

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