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Will “Plastic Wives” Help or Hurt the Image of Cosmetic Surgery

With the rise in popularity of cosmetic surgery in the United States, it was only a matter of time before light bulbs started going off in the heads of television executives across the country.   That day is now.   This Sunday, Jan. 27, TLC will premiere a new series: “Plastic Wives.”

Appropriately named, the show will spotlight the lives of women married to some of Beverly Hills finest plastic surgeons.   Viewers will get to see these women get facelifts, breast augmentation, and so much more whenever they want, for no cost at all.   Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Not so fast. Viewers will also see a group of women obsessed with cosmetic surgery more than their plastic surgeon husbands would like.  Furthermore, the show highlights some aspects of cosmetic surgery that make surgeons cringe.   For example, take Frances Marques, one of the wives featured in the show.  She started getting her surgeries after her husband of seven years, Dr. Ryan Stanton, left her for a younger woman.

‘He wanted to be with a younger woman half of my age, so he left me because of that. Now I have everything done to keep myself young… I couldn’t keep the man.”-Frances Marques

After getting cosmetic surgery, Marques was able to reconcile with Stanton, and now she helps run his practice.  However, is that the message that we, as cosmetic surgeons, really want to broadcast?  We would say no.   That is the very stigma that cosmetic surgeons across the country are fighting against on a daily basis.

We would like to see television executives create a show that highlights surgeons making a difference in the lives of their patients.   Surgeons across the country are improving the quality of life of individuals through cosmetic procedures, and that should be brought to the forefront.   Of course, those executives might argue that such a show would not be entertaining enough to attract viewers and ratings.  However, we think they are creative enough individuals to produce a show that accentuates the positives of cosmetic surgery while still being entertaining at the same time.

All that said, we will tune in to at least one episode of “Plastic Wives,”  if for no other reason than to support the surgeons featured on the show.

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