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You Must Trust Your Surgeon

No matter the procedure, any time a person goes under the knife, there are inherent risks involved.  If a cosmetic surgeon tries to tell you otherwise, you should thank them for their time, and immediately leave their office in search of a different surgeon.   You might think that’s a bit harsh, but telling a patient that there are no risks with surgery is not being truthful.  That’s not a surgeon you can trust.  And trust is key when it comes to cosmetic surgery.  If cosmetic surgery goes wrong, it could end your life, just like it did for this model.   Also, we don’t know about you, but we wouldn’t let somebody touch our body if we didn’t trust them completely.

Our advice to anyone in Houston that has decided to get plastic surgery is to treat the initial consultation with the surgeon almost like an interview.  By that, we mean come ready with the questions you want answered, and don’t be afraid to ask tough questions.   If the surgeon is a licensed and experienced professional, they will have no problem answering even the most difficult of questions.  If they are stumbling through your questions, that’s a huge red flag and reason enough to start the search for another surgeon immediately.


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