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Difference between Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

Difference between Cosmetic & Plastic SurgeryOur Houston cosmetic surgery clinic offers a variety of cosmetic procedures intended to enhance and revitalize your own natural beauty. We use revolutionary laser techniques to reduce your downtime and promote a more comfortable experience overall. Lasers are high-intensity beams of light that can transmit and amplify energy into skin tissue. Our Houston cosmetic surgeon uses lasers to treat wrinkles, reduce pigmentation, seal abnormal blood vessels or make incisions without the need for more invasive procedures or scalpels. Because they sterilize tissue and seal blood vessels as they pass through, lasers minimize the risk of post-surgical hemorrhage and infection.

Cosmetic surgery refers to surgical procedures that are intended to enhance an individual’s normal appearance. Cosmetic procedures in Houston can include a breast lift, breast augmentation, nose reshaping, skin rejuvenation and more. Many people have been restored to a more youthful, enhanced appearance through the use of cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery is generally more reconstructive or corrective in nature. Those with visible birthmarks, burns, scars or structural abnormalities may be able to benefit from plastic, or reconstructive, surgery. The difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery is that the former is generally used to correct deformities caused by trauma or genetics while the latter is intended to rejuvenate or augment an individual’s overall appearance.